It was the end of the world…

The Dustbowl Kid contains many of J. D.’s stories about growing up in the Oklahoma Panhandle during the depression and living through Black Sunday and the Dust Bowl days.

From the back cover of The Dustbowl Kid.

“As we turned toward the north to see why Lorie screamed, we saw a towering cloud of dust, black as midnight, rolling and boiling along the earth like a runaway tidal wave. I thought the world was coming to an end, so I turned in panic and started to run south.”

“Before we reached the road, the cloud of dust engulfed us in darkness so complete that we could not see our hands in front of our faces. All we could see were three balls of fire, one travelling along the ground and the other two floating through the air.”

Thus begins Dr. J. D. Bilbro’s tale of how his sister and he, along with some neighbors, fought their way through the suffocating dust to find shelter on Black Sunday.

In this autobiographical work, J. D. relates his memories of the Dust Bowl, the Great Depression, farm life, and his years as a prankster in a small country town. He goes on to describe how this self-confessed troublemaker narrowly avoided jail and eventually became an internationally respected scientist.

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